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"They cooperated with us on the project, showing more flexibility than other companies."

Antoni Omondi

"I'm really glad we had a chance to cooperate with Blue House. All projects were delivered always before the deadline with better quality I expected"

Gregory Pek

"Blue House experts enhanced our internal development team to successfully deliver complex, long-term project in the banking industry."

Daniel Sadkowski

We Are Your On-demand IT Task Force

Technology flows in our veins and is at the core of what we do.

As a technology company, we understand your most innovative projects as well as your most unique needs. This is why we are the perfect partner when it comes to building high performing teams. We are your special IT Task Force and this obligates us to deliver the highest work quality.

Well-Defined Process
Based on IT Experts

Blue House brings together the best tech talent and companies that need dedicated solutions. We cooperate only with senior developers and IT experts. We guide you through the process of selecting the right candidate.

Our professionals offer the right skill-set, experience, and advice. They don’t need a long onboarding process to start taking an active role in your project and know how important both time and quality are. You can benefit from all of this while cooperating with us.

Blue House Community
Powers Our Growth

The role of the IT Community is crucial to the way Blue House operates. It impacts the approach to client cooperation as well as the process of verifying the skills of IT experts who want to join us.

We are aware that challenging projects require professionals who outperform the average. Our community members have a variety of proven skills and take an active part in the assessment of any new member. We make sure each person is a real asset to the team.

We Are Proud To
Work With The Best

Over time, we have had the pleasure to work with exceptional people from the technology sector. Our unique Community consists of Europe's top Developers, Product Owners, Project Managers, Designers, Architects, and Consultants. Our power lies in the people that are part of our IT Community.

Verified experts: 100+

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Leverage the Pareto Principle
For Your Business

The Pareto Principle states that 20% of your expenditure and effort are responsible for 80% of the results achieved.

At Blue House, we believe that both a small team appropriately selected to the requirements of the project and an individual IT expert can generate more value than a dozen or so employees with low competencies. We can help you find that 20% of professionals across the global talent pool who will determine your success.

How We Work

One of our ways to make the most out of the software developers’ and other IT specialists' working time is to ensure they remain highly motivated. We do that by estimating the real needs of the project.

Staff Augumentation

Choose from Europe's most talented individuals available in our Blue House Community. They will boost your project development and share knowledge across the organization.

Dedicated Team

Share with us your project requirements and we will build a complete team of IT Experts. The skills of the selected specialists complement each other, which increases the efficiency of work.

We Have Brought Value to Many Projects

Motivation and inspiration are important for a project's success.

We make sure our Consultants are always working on projects they are passionate about. We encourage growth and track whether the cooperation with our Clients goes smoothly. This approach lets us support companies from around the world and leads to continuous development.

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