We Built This Company With Passion for People and Tech

Blue House helps companies build high-end products by empowering their internal tech teams with IT Experts from the Community.
We have been providing teams and individuals that help build innovative solutions as well as enhance high-performing internal development teams. We understand business and we only work with people who are the very best in their tech field.

Our Strength Lies
in Our Community

Blue House is not only a company - it’s a Community of skilled professionals who want to bring value to what they do every day.
We said “no” to projects based on repetition and being devoid of an individual approach. We value out-of-the-box thinking because creativity is a driving force behind what we do.
Patryk Dumicz
There is a high demand for technology skills on the market. It is hard for the companies to acquire Experts and even harder to keep them motivated - especially once the project goes into the maintenance stage.
Michał Śpiczko
As a technology company, at the core of our business is a complete understanding of the unique needs of innovative technology projects. We leverage that understanding to build exceptional teams.

Check the Reviews
of Our Work

Our approach to work and offered solutions brings great results. We have closely cooperated with clients from different industries and countries and all of them were satisfied with what we delivered. We encourage you to check out the Blue House profile on Clutch and read the reviews we received.

Our Initiatives and Partnerships
Driven by Innovation
Working on JourneyPro product which simplifies complex client processes
JourneyPro is a framework for designing, building, and implementing complex customer journeys into the client's IT ecosystem without any coding knowledge.
Journey Pro
Engaged in building an AI-tool to combat hate speech on the Internet
This tool allows detecting hate on the Internet through real-time monitoring of live streaming on various communication channels. It spots negative phases that standard filters don't recognize.
Supporting CRM Bot in developing their AI-based product
CRM Bot is a conversational AI platform designed to build intelligent chatbots and voice bots powered by enterprise data. CRM Bot can be used in external and internal communication.
GraphQL Poland online events led by our Community members
We support our IT Community members in realizing their interests and taking new initiatives. We value people who want to invest their time and skills in knowledge sharing.
Promoted our partner’s solution on Medica Dusseldorf Forum
We engaged in the promotion of a medical tool that brings a huge value to people in nursing homes - smart bands that collect various parameters and measure the mobility of patients and then send data to the app.
Meet us at:
EXPO 2020 Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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