Blue House Tech

innovations for the better world

How we work

We believe that everyone is unique, everyone has very individual needs and goals. That is the reason why we challenge our projects by making them perfectly tailored, user friendly and beautifully designed.

This is how we make our solutions:

  • Identifying needs, by discussing and analyzing the ideas
  • Matching the best technology
  • Creating a Proof of Concept
  • Delivery projects within deadlines – always on time

What we do

Design & UX

We create beautiful design and provide unparalleled user experience which is easy to use. We work in accordance to the human centered design process, which puts the user into the focus of the complete development.

Web development

We provide both back-end and front-end development. Our web applications are written with bulletproof code, with stunning interfaces based on responsive web design.


Conversational Commerce is taking the market by storm. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and let us advise and build your personalized Bot to engage and communicate with your customers.


Make yourself visible by fully utilizing the power of Search Engine Optimization. We will prepare a complete strategy to boost your sales.


We value your time.
All the tasks are delivered with the schedule.

Always on time.

What we use

Our team

We are obsessed with smart, user friendly and elegant application development.  We approach every day as a challenge to meet expectations, and then drive ourselves even higher.

Contact us

Contact us via the contact form below. We will reply as soon as possible, maximum to 48 hours.