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How Blue House Became One of Top IT Services Company in Poland?

We are thrilled to announce that Blue House has been awarded a Clutch Leader Award for Top B2B Companies in Poland in the IT Services category. Our mission is to bring together the most experienced IT talent with challenging projects to deliver the highest quality software on time and budget. This approach gives us efficiency and 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

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Why does an award from Clutch actually matter?

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform from the United States. Their team of independent analysts conducts interviews with the past customers of companies listed on their site. Service providers are ranked on customer feedback and their ability to deliver. All of the ratings and rankings on the site are transparent and based on verified reviews.

This award is a result of our Team's dedication to perfection. Being recognized amongst industry leaders in Poland means a lot - especially to a young, ambitious company like Blue House. - Patryk Dumicz, Blue House Co-founder and IT Director

We are excited to have worked with so many wonderful clients and look forward to working with many more. Read what they say about us by checking out our reviews on Clutch.

Regardless of project size, they were quick to implement updates required to deliver the product. They had the perfect mix of speed and quality, allowing companies like Electrolux to get the most out of the collaboration. – Former Brand Activation Manager, Electrolux

What are the main factors that allow us to succeed?

It's great to be appreciated as a company, especially if it is a result of services delivered to the highest standards. It would not be possible without implementing our core values into the business strategy and the way of work. It happens that IT companies focus mostly on the technical skills of their employees but often forget to follow the vision of the company which should have a decisive influence on their culture and the way they operate.

That is why, at the very beginning of Blue House's activity, we decided what values will be most important to us, both in terms of the work of our IT professionals and in selecting customers. Below we explain three of the most impactful values which we have implemented and which have led us to success.

IT Community as the foundation of the company

What distinguishes us from other companies offering IT services is our elite community. The community is a value itself because it is built by people with specific knowledge, skills, and experience. People who have a passion for what they do and who want to be involved in projects to which they can bring real value and propose their own ideas.

For us, working on your project means not only the implementation of specific solutions or the previously agreed tasks. At Blue House, our software developers and other IT experts want to continuously improve what they create, so as to be proud of the final result.

What also matters is the fact that we cooperate only with specialists with senior experience. We made such a decision due to our clients who need either a dedicated consultant or a whole team that is able to immediately undertake given tasks. They also bring business understanding, knowledge about product design, and valuable information on creating digital products while cooperating with the client.

Employees with senior experience also do not need many hours to understand the technical requirements of the project and their work does not require the support of other specialists. This significantly reduces the time needed to work on your project, helps to avoid countless bug fixes, and increases the quality of the final product.

Motivation as the main force behind each project

Before any IT expert joins our elite community we try to find out as much information as possible not only about their skills but also what motivates them to perform their daily work efficiently and ‘go the extra mile’.

It is well-known that writing the same code day in and day out, attending lengthy stand-ups, and endless debugging may lead to emotional burn-out and professional stagnation even for the most engaged employees. As a project owner, you definitely don’t want that to happen because it impacts the work on your product.

What drives engagement? We have learned that people with several years of experience are able to resign from a well-paid position for projects that bring real value to their users. Another equally frequent answer is being involved in the decision-making process and the ability to voice their ideas which can influence the course of the project.

In the State of Work Report 2020, 78% of employees claim their job represents more than a paycheck. That’s why at Blue House we decided to promote growth by matching software developers and IT experts only with challenging and interesting projects where their skills and opinions will be fully taken up.

Project hours based on actual demand as the rule

At Blue House, we value the time of both our professionals and clients and it is not just a catchy slogan. One of our key principles of cooperation is not to generate empty labor – defined as the time during which there is no possible work to do by employees involved in a given project. Therefore, we introduced the possibility of scaling the project up or down by our clients.

On the one hand, this solution allows you to add an additional specialist to work on the project when there are too many tasks for the current team to handle in a specific time period. On the other hand, it gives a possibility to scale down your development team when new constraints to the budget occur.

It gives the ability to adjust project working hours to the actual demand by our clients and prevents the software developers and IT experts from wasting their potential. Research shows that highly skilled employees start slacking when they feel that the job they do is meaningless – and it can happen because of empty labor.

We want to give our specialists an opportunity to switch to work on a different project when their participation in a current project is unnecessary. This approach keeps them engaged in their work. You, in turn, can always reach out to us if a specific skill or expertise of such a specialist is needed again so that all deadlines are met.

Summing up

Blue House’s work exceeded expectations, and they implemented an effective project management style. They were proactive in working quickly and resolving issues before they arose. – Founder & CEO, Cafe Ole - Sound Studio

The reviews from our clients confirm that we have been right in following the development path based on the principles mentioned above. Check out our website bluehouse.tech to find out more about our services. Let’s build something together!

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