2020-10-12 - 3 MIN READ

Blue House Joined the CIC Community in Warsaw

Blue House is a company where we focus on innovative solutions and cooperation with IT professionals passionate about what they do. We promote remote work, and our team is fully distributed. However, we were seeking a place where we could be part of a community focused on growth and open to unusual ideas. We decided to join the Cambridge Innovative Center in Warsaw and hope it will be a great adventure.

CIC in Warsaw Interior

Why did Blue House choose CIC?

Cambridge Innovation Center has been helping entrepreneurs to develop their businesses since 1999. This American real estate services company, which bills itself as a "community of entrepreneurs," creates and develops an ecosystem of businesses in various stages of development where they can grow and build their value faster through cooperation and events. Their 8th location in the world is located in Warsaw and was opened earlier this year.

Even though at Blue House, we believe that remote work can enable companies to achieve their goals faster through access to a global talent pool and lower costs, this work model has its limitations. It is natural that to grow as a company or as an individual; we need an environment that inspires us to do so. We can participate in webinars, online conferences, or look for information that affects our development in various types of online content, but it will not replace the actual experience.

An office for rent, desk, or just a space suitable for work you can find probably in each of the coworking places in Warsaw. We have wanted to be part of an institution that brings great minds together and shares similar values - knowing that strength lies in people is definitely one of them. Blue House builds a community of highly-skilled IT experts while Cambridge Innovation Center builds a community of entrepreneurs with great ambitions.

To find out more about Blue House and our values visit the website. You can also meet us at CIC events and their space as well as online.

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