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4 Aspects To Look at While Choosing IT Staffing Company

Nowadays, modern companies, especially those building products, are seeking ways to stay competitive among others. Business and labor efficiency is one of the most discussed topics directly related to time and money. That’s why outsourcing has become more common, and this applies to both outsourcing software development and IT specialists. Also, both of these solutions allow companies to eliminate the time-consuming recruitment process – work on the project can start almost a few days after signing the contract.

Searching for IT staffing company

Choosing the right IT specialists outsourcing provider may not be easy, mainly due to the large pool of companies worldwide that offer this type of service. An additional difficulty is the fact that the right choice of an outsourcing company from the very beginning is of great importance for the development of the project - affects quality and the completion of the project up to the deadline.

This article will make a choice easier for you and tell you how to find out if the IT specialist outsourcing company is right for your business.

1. IT staffing companies’ reviews can give you lots of information

In digital reality, companies put a lot of effort into building their professional online presence. It has value for you as a client because well-prepared websites help you understand quicker what services a specific company offers and how it differs from its competitors. However, what is much more important and worth your attention are reviews left by previous customers.

You can be sure that all reviews of the services on the company's website have been carefully selected, but it is a good start with them anyway because they give you an insight into the previously made projects. Then you should move forward and search if they have any reviews on platforms like Clutch.co or GoodFirms. There you may often find more objective comments and usually much more data about the specifics of cooperation.

Our advice is to invest some time into actually reading the reviews, not just looking at the star's ratings and main quotes – check out what type of company wrote them and what projects they are concerned about. Was it from a business that represents the same industry as yours? What was the scope of work, and what skills did the project require? How did the communication look like? Did someone mention anything about possible improvements? The key is to look for details.

2. Speak to a representative of an IT specialist outsourcing provider

Statistics show that 68% of customers would rather find out information themselves online instead of with the help of another company's sales team. The other fact is that in B2B type of business, people often decide not to have a call until late in their consideration. In our point of view that is a mistake because you actually can find out a lot about a company if you ask the right questions during such a conversation.

If you did research, as we suggested earlier, you might use the call to your advantage – it is a chance to find out more about projects that were mentioned in their reviews. Also, if you don't understand something about their service and have concerns about it, it's better to ask than a guess. Give a chance to a salesperson to talk about the benefits of a specific solution. You will gather a lot of information that you can process after the call.

Another tip is to recognize if you're talking to a persuasive salesman who tells you what you want to hear or a competent person that genuinely tries to understand your needs and has the knowledge to advise on the best approach. If the person on the other end of the phone is willing to listen to you instead of constantly boasting about the company, it's a sign that they also care about the value of their offer, not only about profits.

3. Check if there is any mission that the company follows

Do you know that companies high in trust of their employees are 2.5 times more likely to function as a high-performance organization than lower-performance organizations? Also, one of the ways of making a company a well-oiled machine in the long-term run is generating value not only for shareholders and clients but also for employees. Company culture tells more about its business than it may seem at first glance.

You may think: “Why should I care about other company’s culture while I’m just interested in their services?”. An IT talent shortage already beleaguers 69% of enterprises. Many companies try to win software developers over on their side and tempt them to leave their current employer. Suppose any businesses manage to gather and maintain a dozen or so highly qualified IT experts in the company. In that case, it reflects well on its culture but also approaches to delivering services.

It is worth working with those IT outsourcing companies who offer something more to their employees than just jobs because it means they care about quality. They want to work with qualified people. And on the other hand, companies driven by a mission, especially in IT, attract software developers looking for something more than just a paycheck, so it works both ways. Highly motivated employees emphasize quality and innovation and are committed to hard work to achieve that.

4. Find out how the IT outsourcing company verify developers

Even if you choose a particular service from those offered by a specific IT outsourcing company, its implementation should not follow some generally established pattern. The one size fits all approach does not work in IT project development, as they contain different specifications, the scope of work, and requirements that directly affect their implementation.

**Pay attention to the way they verify and select IT experts for your project. Do they pick any specialists who are available and ask them to deliver specific results or consider more aspects? ** As an example, our unique process allows us to determine what developer's skills and seniority are required and who out of our Blue House Community members has the right personality traits to accomplish the project development.

When you outsource IT specialists, you need to keep in mind that these people will act as an extension of your company, so it is important who will work "under your roof." Each project requires an individual approach and skill-set. If an IT specialist outsourcing company is not aware of or ignores such a fact, it simply means they try to sell you service, and outcomes of the cooperation do not matter to them.

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Summing up

The IT outsourcing company you want to work with should understand your problems (including those resulting from earlier cooperation with recruiters or contractor management) and propose a process that solves them. You may wonder why we didn't mention pricing when it can be considered an important indicator of whether you want to use someone's service. 59% of business leaders do not consider cost the main driver for outsourcing.

Their main priority is to focus on core business aspects and solve issues with capacity. If you want your product to beat the competitors, you need to find such an IT specialist outsourcing provider that gathers the best experts. At Blue House, we try our best and build an IT community. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with your project. We assure you that we will provide you with the best specialists.

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