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Outsourcing Software Development: Why Outsourcing IT Specialists Is a Good Idea?

Nowadays organizations need agile and resilient talent to be able to move fast, adapt to change, and continually learn. IT outsourcing services, i.e. software developers outsourcing, open up new possibilities for companies, and if you choose such a service provider wisely, they will deliver you top professionals or build an entire team that is tailored to your project's exact needs. By outsourcing IT specialists, a company can either free up its resources and focus on other priorities or strengthen the development team.

Outsourcing Software Development

Recruiting an IT specialist for an in-house team is quite costly and to avoid it, businesses have turned toward contractor workers hired through IT Staffing Companies. In such a case, searching for an IT expert in a particular language (e.g. outsourcing java developer) doesn’t require time-consuming and expensive recruitment processes anymore. Screened software developers can join the project even within a few days after deciding on cooperation. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re going about it the right way.

Are you planning web application development or have in mind any other project? Find out more about why outsourcing IT specialists is a good idea and how easy finding the right developer can be?

Outsourced Software Development: 5 top advantages

Outsourcing is the process of handing the responsibility of software development to an external company, a software team, or an individual. What’s more, software development outsourcing can be grouped according to different options in terms of location for software development. We focus on staff augmentation since we believe it’s one of the best available solutions.

Outsourcing software developers in the staff augmentation model means temporarily hiring external IT experts or a team of specialists to an already established project structure. They join the existing in-house development team as a form of support with their skills, knowledge, and available time.

What are the advantages of working with outsourced software developers?

1. Scalability – you can easily increase or decrease workforce on-demand to address the evolving business needs. Outsourcing software developers help you leverage flexible hiring so you can scale the team on a trial basis without investing in a full-time employee contract of employment that lasts also after the project is accomplished. Instead, you hire experts on a project basis which usually takes between 3-12 months. You can always extend the contract if needed or add specialists if the scope of work is higher than predicted.

2. High availability – companies can pull in specific skill-sets on a per-project basis without permanent hiring. In Europe an IT talent shortfall of up to 1 million. Moreover, a potential gap of another 700,000 IT workers is forecasted in the EU by 2030. These numbers speak for themselves. Staff augmentation service is a chance for companies to quickly find and outsource specific developers when they are required. For example, at Blue House, we built an IT Community of experts, we know their skills and other assets and can easily assign the right person to a certain project.

3. Experience – outsourced IT specialists already have the required experience for given project development. In The Future of Work Report 2020, it’s stated that the financial impact of the IT skills gap will grow by 157% in comparison to 2019, hitting $775 billion worldwide, as a result of the delayed release of products/services, missed revenue, or increased costs. This number will only grow. Outsourcing software developers is a good way to overcome this issue. Moreover, senior developers can provide advice in the development of the project through the knowledge they have gained while working in other industries.

4. Guarantee of quality – there is no risk of project development failure due to mistakes or ineffective work of specialists. Trusted IT Staffing Companies take responsibility for screening and testing software developers with whom they cooperate. They are obligated to deliver experts who represent high skills and work quality. You as a customer also have constant control over the course and quality of the entire project, even before it is completed. Such a person is part of your team and they participate in each step of project development.

5. Speed – competent augmented staff quickly understand the project and start efficiently working on it immediately. An outsourced developer has the experience required to work on your project and shortly after onboarding they can engage in assigned tasks and responsibilities. They don’t need to invest additional time in learning. That’s why it matters to work with senior developers - they don’t require supervision and advice. On the contrary, they give feedback and support the team, thanks to which the work goes faster and there are fewer bugs.

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Things To Avoid When Outsourcing Software Development

Companies that need to develop software to succeed should focus on the solutions that guarantee the effectiveness of the task’s implementation of the core projects, give the ability to easily scale up or scale down the resources, and generate quality work outcomes. The solution that provides answers to all of these aspects is staff augmentation service. However, there are a few issues that every business should avoid and check before signing the contract with the service provider.

What to avoid when hiring outsourced software developers?

1. Lack of project specifications. The lack of a thorough understanding of the project needs is a common reason why clients cooperate with developers who don’t have the skills that are necessary for the project. Before you reach out to any IT Staffing Company have your project specification ready. It’ll help you determine the scope of work and become clear if your existing resources are enough, do you need additional specialists, and what they should know. The foundations have to be established by you and the features that you want to be incorporated into the software need to be clearly documented.

2. No communication workflow plan. One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing IT specialists is gaining access to a global talent pool. But to maximize the use and efficiency of both external and internal company members, both sides need to work as a single team. Whilst the service provider is matching the right professionals with your project, you should make sure the external team has the necessary privileges to handle dedicated tasks. Provide all the necessary access to digital tools used in the company and documentation that describe your system architecture and product features. You may also need to prepare to work in different time zones, cultural conventions, and languages.

3. Talent overbooking. You should take caution, especially while outsourcing the entire project to another company, e.g. software house. They may cooperate with several clients but have a limited workforce, so developers are a part of multiple projects, which dilutes their engagement. Remember that deeds prove the knowledge and expertise of any company, so search for information on earlier projects delivered by professionals of a given outsourcing provider. At Blue House, each IT Expert who is engaged in a specific project works in a full-time model and dedicates their availability to one project only. This guarantees commitment, influences the better understanding of the project, and makes them feel part of the client's team.

4. Low cost of software developer’s work. Every business is looking for savings and solutions that will keep the budget in check. However, 25% of IT projects fail outright and as many as 50% require material rework. These numbers show how important it’s for a company to emphasize finding the right specialists to build, implement and integrate the technologies properly. When you suppress costs, you can also lose quality. Low quality affects the extension of the working time on the project, because its individual parts may require rewriting the code. If you end up outsourcing your programming needs to an inexperienced specialist you can end up damaging or delaying your project.

5. Setting an unrealistic timeline. When you build your initial work plan, identify how much time is needed to finish the project and what activities can be done sequentially and in parallel. The timeline often depends on the scale and complexity of the software. Estimating project duration will help you decide either you need a specialist temporarily or maybe hiring someone permanently is more beneficial. Discuss the to-do list with your development team and they will help you estimate the completion time. Additionally, you can consult the project with an IT staffing company - they have many projects in their portfolio and can reasonably predict the duration of the project.

IT Outsourcing Services: Hire Software Developers with Blue House

Leading a business is a constant process of improving, expanding, and modernizing services and products to be competitive and more innovative. Hiring outsourced software developers can help your company to achieve great results faster and better. However, finding a trusted provider who will help you implement your business ideas is a challenge, especially with many companies offering similar services. What makes Blue House stand out is a closed community of elite IT talent.

We put emphasis on people - their passions and needs. We offer senior software developers space where they can have an impact on their career path and the projects in which they engage. We created a place where people who care about quality can work alongside others who have similar motivations. Professionals who are also able to communicate effectively, transfer knowledge to on-site teams, and take ownership of the issues they are challenged with. Through that our Community brings value to our Clients.

Don’t waste your time and project potential, reach out to Blue House to cooperate with the best IT Experts.

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